45 45s at 45: JESUS, ETC. – WILCO, 2002 (41/45)

Dear Jeff Tweedy,

do you want to play this game? You’re 45 like me, and this is a little funny way to think back to some of the records that made your life. JC The Vinyl Villain invented 45 45s at 45 some years ago and now it’s the turn of the Class of ’67…

It would be great to read what your choices would be; discovering if we have some 45s in common. One of the reasons I love Wilco music is that I feel I share with you a Big History, hundreds of musical references combined with your inventions and thoughts. Some times you bring a cover, more often it’s a few seconds bit in a song: like nods to one parallel world, and some of us listening own that map…

I still can’t understand how I could ignore Wilco (and Uncle Tupelo before) until 10 years ago… I think I’ve read 5 stars reviews of all your previous albums; I was well aware of your collaboration with one of my all-time favourites, Billy Bragg. And I saw you in Bologna Stadium in ’99, opening for R.E.M.: I was impressed, but it wasn’t enough to send me out to buy Summerteeth, A.M. or Being there. Then you released Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2002, and since then you are N°1 Band in the Universe.

Now I have all your records and so many songs up there among my dearest treasures. It seems to me that we may be the same age, but your 45 are much more full than my years, your life a path much richer, more serious, more crazy. It’s easier to be on the receiving side, it’s easier to listen than to write the chords of those bitter melodies turning your orbit around; living in the confort zone where we collect all those sad sad songs (and the happy happy ones too…).

I don’t know, maybe you’re not into this Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity state of mind; your way of lovin’ music could be far from these kind of lists. But this is The New Social World, right? So what I’m gonna do is to post this silly letter in the Wilco Facebook page. Yes, I know you’re not checkin’ it in any way, but maybe somebody near you might send it to you; maybe there’s a chance you like this game and send your 45 45s… Etc!

With gratitude from Lodi, Italy.


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